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Welcooome to タンディー's paage~ ^^

Nice to meet you! =D Nyappy! ^-^

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Hi~ My name is Tandy and I think I'll be here just to rant about my life. XDD
Oh, I love drawing, anime, manga, video games, and all that good stuff. 83 I'm also a newbie cosplayer! :D ^^
Sooooo, yep. ^^ I'm struggling through my last year of high school and hopefully get into my dream school =w=. 8D
In the future I'd love to live in Japan or Korea or here and work as a translator for English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese and later on as a teacher for any of those languages. ^____^

Ah, and I have crazy obsessions. X33~ I love An Cafe, my favorite band. >w< Bou is my fave band member, although he left. ;3; I have now decided that my two favorite bands are An Cafe and Super Junior. :]

And I post like crazy when I have enough time, sometimes I have barely have time to post. ;_; XD; I'm super inconsistent. x____x;

Credit for the mood theme from An Cafe Media Vault by peace_b4u! Thanks so much! ^-^